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Limos for Learning Board of Directors
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Founding Board of Directors

Back Row (L-R): Mel Tillar, Lew Resseguie, Carl Barker, Center: Tom Herron, Front Row (L-R)): Lindsay Ross, Betsy Ross
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Given statistics and stories, it is evident the Limos for Learning™  team has mastered the approach to winning. While compiling testimonials is easy, compiling a list of individual team members is an impossible task. That’s because this team has grown beyond names and numbers. It is comprised of parents, Limos™ staff, dedicated teachers, school administration, business partners, media supporters, tireless volunteers and board members, civic associations and hundreds of individuals and organizations too diverse to specify.

Below are images of just a few of our many volunteers - parents, teachers, business partners, media supporters, school administrations, board members, civic associations and more:


Betsy Ross

“This section of our website cannot simply detail the biographies of a select few,” explains Founder, Betsy Ross, “…it should be, it must be, about the scores of people that make this program a success. None of us acting alone could have accomplished so much. Our achievements have been made possible only through teamwork.” Click here to see photos of our team in action.

Point well taken. Even so, everyone knows a strong team demands strong leadership; Betsy Ross – founder and mastermind behind Limos for Learning™, has delivered exactly that. A successful business owner, parent and volunteer in South Carolina’s school system for more than twenty years, Betsy exhibits big-picture vision and razor-sharp attention to detail.

Betsy Ross

It was Betsy who recognized that many deserving students became disillusioned when standardized test scores served as the sole criteria for recognition. And it was Betsy who took the initiative to shape a program that would reach those students falling between the proverbial cracks.



Today Limos For Learning™ is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that continues to be fueled by the desire to positively reward the ability to set goals and the hard work it takes them to achieve them. As a result, literacy among elementary students has made tremendous strides, and tens of thousands of children have new hope, bigger dreams, and brighter tomorrows.