Forever trying to engage their students with limited resources, teachers consistently sing the praises of Limos for Learning™. The program assists them in their efforts to motivate students, and the results are heartening.

What teachers are saying -

“Thank you for making so many children ‘love’ life and ‘love reading.’  Your program encourages our youth.  Each year your program gets more exciting – the instructional video was terrific and really motivated the kids (and teachers too).  To you, your organization and your sponsors, I personally say THANK YOU from the BOTTOM of my heart!”
- D. Poole, Guidance Counselor, St. James Elementary

“I love this program.  My children are given the chance to experience something they will never forget.  This program elevates reading to a place of greater importance for them.  Falling in love with reading is just the extra bonus.”
- J. Gosnell, Teacher, Ford Elementary

“Thank you for giving us a lifetime memory.  Limos For Learning has encouraged us ALL to reach our goals!  You made one child smile who has not all year – your generosity and hard work has deeply touched our hearts.”
- J. Barret, Lakewood Elementary

“This is the best (reading) incentive program to ever hit Marlboro County!” 
- J. Swann, Principal

“I want to thank you for your commitment to encouraging our children to read.  My student, Juan, is a third grade special needs student at Ford Elementary School.  Juan has many challenges, but he has a relentless positive attitude and a tireless work ethic.  He has increased his reading ability by eight text levels this year.  Being chosen for Limos For Learning was an honor for Juan and his entire family.  Juan’s smile can truly light up a room, but on April 23 there was an extra sparkle in that sweet little face.  Your program gave this family an honor that they appreciate more than you can imagine.  Thank you for caring about our children!”
- S. Burns, Special Education Teacher

“Our students were so excited to ride in the limo, and to have their picture on the front page of the paper made their day!  Often our kids don’t get the recognition they deserve for their hard work and success.  Thank you again for helping change that.” 
- L. Seawright, Literacy Coach

“The Limos For Learning™ experience was very motivating and rewarding to my class.  Seeing our “celebrities” receive the red-carpet treatment was just indescribable.  Please know that these special children will not soon forget this awesome experience!”
- A. McConnell, Sampit Elementary

“The entire third grade was thrilled to receive the pencils and bracelets.  The teachers were excited to add CAN DO and CAN DO AND FRIENDS TO THE RESCUE to their classroom library.  Thank you for allowing our school to be a part of such a wonderful program.  It rewards the well rounded student that may not make straight A’s but strives each day to give 100% in all areas from academics to citizenship.”
- R. Long, North Myrtle Beach Elementary

“What an awesome experience you have provided for our students at M.S. Bailey Elementary!  The Rewards Day answered all their dreams for being special and recognized as a winner!”
– J. Stewart, Reading Specialist