Sponsors & Partners

Limos For Learning™ has been developed by experienced business professionals who fully understand the increased demands placed on corporations of all sizes, especially during a time of economic uncertainty. Charitable and community organizations, quasi-government entities and even school systems increasingly depend on the private sector help to supplement shortages in funding and expertise.  Far more than just donors or benefactors, Limos For Learning™ sponsors are partners in a unique program that enriches the lives and enhances the futures of young students in ways of official education system cannot.  Sponsors participate in Limos For Learning™ expecting and demanding nothing in return beyond a well-run, successful effort to improve the lives of our children.  Sponsors gain immeasurable community goodwill and gained recognition, including program materials distributed to student participants and information distributed to the media, and supplemental benefits to students for company-related business and activities.

Business Buzz

Here’s what community business partners say about Limos For Learning™ -

See video on right of Billy Huggins, General Manager WPDE-TV 15.

Eric Harkins and the entire staff of IMPDI Worldwide quote as follows:

“The success and elation of the hundreds of children we see jumping in and out of limos on Reward Day is enough to warm anyone’s heart.  To know first hand how hard they worked to attain their goals in reading is inspiring. To see the celebrities, local community and businesses encouraging the children during a program is highly contagious…

Donating to the program that makes it all happen – PRICELESS!”
- Eric Harkins & the entire staff of IMPDI Worldwide

Levels of Sponsor Participation

Sponsor participation in Limos For Learning™ varies widely, depending on the specific services a company is willing to provide, its desire for public relations exposure and its commitment to this important reading education effort.  Contact us today to learn how your company or organization may become involved in this exciting program!

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e-mail: info@limosforlearning.org
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