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Success Breeds Success

Evidence abounds that when we encourage reading among our youngest students, it ensures children obtain the solid foundation necessary for present and future success. When students are challenged to jump through the next hoop – and then rewarded for accomplishing those goals – they gain confidence.

In a world often controlled by formal standardized assessment, Limos for Learning™ provides a unique opportunity for teachers and students to pause and reflect on those traits that are perhaps less measurable – perseverance, motivation, determination, and responsibility.  These traits cannot be measured by standardized testing, yet they are infinitely more valuable in the grand scheme of life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

The premise of this program is that all students are capable of attaining success based on attainable individual goals.  Limos For Learning™ provides program services to public elementary schools, presently serving Grade 2, 3, and 4 level students.  While program participation is voluntary, all students in the participating grade level(s) must be given the opportunity to participate, regardless of ability, handicap, race, or nationality.

What is the cost of the program?

Since Limos For Learning™ is a 501c3 non-profit organization, there is no cost to the student or parent to participate.  There is no cost to the school, other than providing chaperone specified under school participation requirements (below). 

How can my school participate?

A school representative – teacher, reading specialist, principal, or superintendent for example – may submit an online participation form for consideration.  Applications are routinely reviewed and communication is initiated if additional information is needed for evaluation purposes.  Applications and information contained within are confidential.  If selected by the applicant review committee, schools are notified in writing prior to the participation school year.  The participation period shall not be less than six months of the calendar school year.

What are the participation requirements for schools and parents?

Participating schools agree to:

  • Communicate established objectives/goals/criteria with faculty and students
  • Provide a school coordinator, parent volunteer and school chaperone
  • Utilize and distribute all provided classroom materials (provided)
  • Monitor outside classroom reading time through reading logs
  • Publish a press release in the school newsletter about the program
  • Establish a selection committee to choose designated Literacy Celebration Day recipients
  • Obtain signed parental permission/release forms (provided)
  • Ensure each Literacy Celebration Day student writes a sponsor thank you note (cards provided)
  • Meet specified program deadlines

Participating parents agree to:

  • Support their student’s efforts toward meeting objectives
  • Participate and monitor student reading time outside the classroom – minimum of 20 minutes per day per week

What services does Limos For Learning™ provide?

  • Literacy Celebration Day - transportation, food, awards  
  • Limos For Learning™ representative to work with the schools
  • Printed program materials for teachers, parents and students
  • Program instructions for designated school coordinator
  • Instructional/motivational books
  • Incentives / rewards: Examples: folders, bookmarks, pencils, wristbands, etc.
  • Motivational materials: posters and video messages w/instructions
  • Participation Agreement and Parental Consent forms
  • Evaluation surveys for parents, teachers and school administrators to measure the effectiveness of the program
  • Thank you cards for students w/instructions

How are students rewarded?

Each participating student who is willing to try and demonstrates improvement is rewarded with tangible rewards.   Students who put forth tremendous effort, meet or exceed the general program criteria, meet or exceed their individual goals, and demonstrate dramatic improvement are nominated by their classroom teachers for additional reward.  An established school selection committee selects a designated number of students to participate in the exciting Literacy Celebration Day event. While every participant is not selected for the Literacy Celebration Day experience, all students benefit from increased reading and improved reading skills.