Positive Outcomes

The Limos For Learning™ experience has proven to motivate even the most reluctant of students.

  • Children gain self-confidence in meeting established goals.
  • While students participate in the incentive program, consistent reading habits are nurtured in school and at home.
  • Parent/student interaction increases - parents become more involved in assisting their children in meeting established goals in order to be rewarded.
  • Students writing skills are reinforced through correspondence with sponsors.

Limos For Learning™ - putting smiles on the faces of deserving children, parents & teachers.

What government and community leaders are saying -

"Limos For Learning program creates a great way for students to learn the value of hard work and self-improvement.  Thanks for all you do!" 
- Governor Mark Sanford, South Carolina

"It was obvious that you and your staff had worked very hard to prepare for this event. Everything went well and it was a joy to see the excitement of the students."
- Edgar C. Taylor, SC District 55 Superintendent

“This helps to create a lot of enthusiasm about reading for them and for the entire school district.”
- State Senator Ray Cleary/District 34 (The Myrtle Beach Herald)

“Test scores measure how well students do on tests, but they don’t measure determination, effort and other intangibles that are often better predictors of success in real life.”
- Joyce Armor (for The Sun News)

“This program will leave a lasting impression on these young people. It’s such a great experience for them.”
- State Representative Thad Viers/District 68  (The Myrtle Beach Herald)