Parents are among the most satisfied beneficiaries of the Limos™ experience. It is incredibly fulfilling for them to witness the excitement of their kids as they fall in love with reading.

What parents are saying -

 “My son learned so much while reading all those books.  He will pick up a book on his own now, without having to be told!  I went to Ryan’s and when I got there I was excited to see all those children who had reached their goals.  I am so thankful for a program like this to be at my son’s school. It is wonderful!” 
- D. Small

“It is an awesome program - it came as a complete surprise, which makes it all the more special.  Thank you for the most valuable thing you can give a child: worth!” 
- M. Lopez

“We tried everything to motivate and encourage my grandson to improve his reading - with little success – until Limos For Learning.  Because of your program, Austin is now interested, experiencing the enjoyment and fun of reading, more confidant, and asks us to read more with him!  And, because he is reading more at home and in school, his grades are improving!  Limos For Learning has changed his life!” 
- L. Bates

“The reward was awesome!  They really loved it.  It gave them all motivation to continue doing well. Thanks!”
– G. Tippett

“My son has improved his reading to one grade level above what he started the year so he is on track with the rest of his class now.  It meant a lot to him for his teacher to nominate him.  Thank you for the program and for what it does for the morale of the children who have worked so hard at what others have been blessed with as a natural gift.  It really is a great reward – on top of the actual reward of the learning they receive.  I’m glad there are programs like Limos For Learning available to our kids.”
- L. Johnson

“It was much more than I or my child expected.  What a joy!  I am proud to be a part of this community that values learning.”
– J. McGonigal

“My child never stopped smiling!”
- D. Mexas

“I really don’t know how this program could improve.  I took custody of my three grandchildren.  I am on a fixed income and it is hard for me to make them feel special.  My granddaughter stated she felt like a princess!  You can’t top that!  ‘Thank you’ are not enough words to express my thanks.”
- Patricia L. Clark, Grandmother

“Besides what she learned from the books she read, she learned that when you try hard enough extraordinary things can be accomplished.  Limo For Learning is a wonderful program.  You take the extra steps to make the children feel like true winners and stars.  This gives them the incentive to strive harder to do their best.” 
- T. Bishop

“(My daughter) said she knows now what it feels like to be a star.  At the first of the year she didn’t read well.  I saw her read a lot this year.  She really has started to love to read.  And I think this has been a great experience and reward for her work.”
- C. Brinkley