When children read more, they become more proficient. Evidence abounds that when we encourage our youngest students to love reading, we are giving those children a solid foundation for present and future success.  


When students are challenged to jump through the next hoop – and then rewarded for accomplishing those goals – they gain confidence. They dare to dream bigger dreams. 

Limos For Learning™ strives to:

  • Support public schools and teachers in their attempt to move students beyond basic levels of reading proficiency. In so doing, we aim to develop programs that help motivate students to become enthusiastic and confident readers, and – more importantly – to comprehend and communicate more effectively throughout their lives.
  • Reward young readers whose efforts are often overlooked when standardized test scores are used as the sole determining factor for recognition. By eliminating standardized test scores as criteria, children become more motivated. They respond with gusto to rewards based on effort.
  • Reinforce the reality that success is obtainable through hard work. Make use of positive reinforcement to build self-confidence and breed success.
  • Expand the Limos For Learning™ program throughout South Carolina and beyond to reach deserving children presently reading below their potential.
  • Create partnerships between Limos for Learning™ and schools, businesses, community organizations, local and national celebrities, and local, regional and national media outlets. Use these partnerships to promote literacy, increase community awareness and enrich the futures of as many children as possible.