The Experience

A shiny stretch limousine arrives at the entrance of a neighborhood elementary school at lunch hour.  To envious students looking on, it’s a scene most have only watched on television. The driver opens the door, ushers students into its plush interior and slowly drives off on its way to a favorite local restaurant.  Upon arrival, they are welcomed to a special lunch in their honor.  Some ninety minutes later, the limousine returns to the school where students pour out and begin proudly telling of their memorable experience to friends and fellow students.


It’s a scene that’s being repeated in towns all across the Carolinas.  Since its inception, response to the unique Limos for Learning™ program has been overwhelming. A successful example of a non-profit public/private partnership at work to improve education, Limos for Learning™ rewards and recognizes young readers for outstanding effort &reading improvement. Students who demonstrate most-improved status based on criteria established by their teachers are treated to a unique experience that’s been shown to motivate even the most reluctant young students.

Many deserving students become disillusioned when standardized test scores are utilized as the sole criteria for recognition and reward – effort and hard work toward meeting goals is oftentimes overlooked.  Armed with extensive experience motivating employees of her own company and twenty years of volunteer work in South Carolina public schools, founder Betsy Ross set out to develop a cooperative incentive program to help overcome this critical situation.

Limos For Learning™, a non-profit 501C3 charitable organization, is fueled by the desire to positively reinforce hard work toward meeting individual reading goals, recognize and reward those accomplishments, and promote literacy among elementary school children.

Success Breeds Success

Evidence abounds that when we encourage reading among our youngest students, it ensures children obtain the solid foundation necessary for present and future success.  When students are challenged to jump through the next hoop – and then rewarded for accomplishing those goals – they gain confidence.

“Our goal is to reinforce that success is attainable at any level through hard work.  The more children read, the more they comprehend, learn, and increase their ability to communicate effectively.  These are key elements that not only raise test scores, but also become invaluable tools in life. Limos For LearningTM is putting smiles on the faces of deserving children, parents, and teachers alike.”