Community Leaders

Forward-thinking individuals in leadership positions are delighted by the short- and long-term effects of Limos for Learning™. They understand that the ability to read is absolutely crucial to lasting success.

What government and community leaders are saying -

Former First Lady Laura Bush

“I admire you for finding a creative way to encourage and reward children for improving their reading skills and send my best wishes for your continued success.”

Laura Bush
Former First Lady
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Inez Tenenbaum

“I fully support Limos For Learning.  It is an opportunity for students to set high goals for themselves, for teachers to move the mark even higher and set higher expectations for their students and it’s a reward that everyone can enjoy and participate in.”

Inez Tenenbaum
Former SC Superintendent of Education

“This program is a much-needed service in our community and state.  The empowerment that this organization instills in individuals and the focus they give to the youth in our community has and will continue to not only make a positive and crucial impact on their lives, but impact the potential for expanded development within our state.”

Danny Verdin
South Carolina Senator


Sanford Endorsement
Letter of Endorsement from
Governor Mark Sanford

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Mark Sanford






"Limos For Learning program creates a great way for students to learn the value of hard work and self-improvement.  Innovative programs like this one provide a fun way for our children to gain the knowledge they need to reach their academic goals and to prepare them for future opportunities and challenges.  Thank you for your dedication to improving education in South Carolina."
Mark Sanford
South Carolina Governor