About Us

Betsy Ross, Founder/President

Betsy Ross

A successful business owner, parent and volunteer in South Carolina’s school system for over twenty years, Betsy noticed that many deserving students become disillusioned when standardized test scores are utilized as the sole criteria for recognition and reward – effort and hard work toward meeting goals is oftentimes overlooked. That gave Ross an idea.

Presently serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eureka Drug Stores, Inc. – and armed with extensive experience motivating employees of her own company – Ross set out to develop a cooperative incentive program to help overcome this critical situation rewarding children based on their effort and hard work. What initially began as a private philanthropy, Limos for Learning™ began rolling in 2003 and the initial response was overwhelming!

To create an initial source of funding, Ross established Elegant Events Limousine ServiceTM providing upscale transportation to residents and visitors in Myrtle Beach and along The Grand Strand, directing all profits to Limos For Learning™.

With increased need and demand for the program, a history of positive outcomes, and the need to create a continuous source of funding for the program, Ross quickly took the program to the next level. Today Limos For Learning™ is a 501C3 non-profit charitable organization fueled by the desire to positively reinforce hard work toward meeting individual reading goals, recognize and reward those accomplishments, and promote literacy among elementary school children

Through the generous support of community-minded individuals, businesses, and corporations, Limos For Learning™ has rapidly expanded the program to reach more children.  These sponsors – ranging from private individuals, limousine services, restaurateurs and family-oriented attractions to regional and national to corporations – are the life-blood of Limos for Learning™ making it possible for the program to serve more schools.

Carl Barker, Vice President

Carl Baker

Affectionately known and loved by all as “Mister Carl,” this dynamo is the key member of our team who serves as Transportation Coordinator enabling the Limos For Learning™ limousines to roll to a school near you!  Carl retired from Kodak in Rochester, NY after 30 years management experience training employees and team building. Upon retirement, he relocated to sunny Myrtle Beach, SC where he met and married the love of his life, Gloria.  “Mister Carl” joined the Limos For Learning™ team in 2003 and has not only put smiles on the faces of hundreds of children, but continues to utilize his vast management experience and wonderful sense of humor motivating our team and volunteers on a daily basis!

Lindsay Ross, Secretary and Treasurer

Linsay Ross

Lindsay Ross has been associated with Limos for Learning™ since its inception in 2003.  An avid volunteer of children’s programs prior to and during her college years, she brings her experience as a staff member and/or volunteer fundraiser/coordinator for other various charitable organizations to the program, including the Children’s Smile Clinic, Twin Towers Volunteer and Kappa Delta sorority.  A 2004 graduate of Wofford College, Lindsay holds a BS degree in Biology and joins our organization where we put her organizational skills, research experience and talents to good use.