Betsy Ross reading to kids and a limousine

Thanks for visiting Limos For Learning™, an innovative reading program that’s making an important difference in the lives of thousands of children. Please read on – or contact us with questions – to learn more about a concept that’s earning rave reviews from teachers, parents and community leaders – while inspiring kids from every walk of life.

The importance of reading cannot be overemphasized. It is an ability that touches all corners of life – from school and career, to family and every social interaction. No matter what the dream – teacher or firefighter, CEO or pharmacist, astronaut or chef, actor, poet or Commander in Chief, reading is the cornerstone of success.

Limos for Learning™ rewards young readers who make steady, conscientious efforts to improve their reading skills. For the record, that doesn’t necessarily mean kids who earn the highest scores or read the most books. Limos for Learning™ is not a competition; the program recognizes every kid who demonstrates a determination to improve.

The motivation is simple: we want to teach children reading is a skill that is attainable, fun and the key to a promising future!